Final Fitting Out & Launch

The next stage was to fit handles and rope holders to the tubes. Again the choice is yours what arrangement you use. The only thing I will say is when you have decided what you want to do lay the handles and rope holder on the tubes, make sure they are in the position you want them then draw round them faintly with a ball point pen. You need to do this because the two pack PVC glue you need to use has to be put on both faces of the joint. You only want to put glue on the tubes where you want to stick the rope holders. You use the faint pen lines as a guide. Follow the instructions on the glue package carefully. You don’t want the handles or rope holders coming off at a critical moment. One word of warning the glue is a contact type of adhesive. You have no chance of adjustment once the two faces are brought together. Make sure that you have everything line up correctly before you place the holder or handle.

Next I painted inside of the boat and the console. You can use genuine marine enamel here, which is expensive, or you can use automotive enamel, which is the same thing and a lot cheaper. I used a two-pack primer over the epoxy and followed it with light Grey enamel. You can purchase from marine suppliers some sand like material for mixing with the paint for painting on the areas where you walk as non slip surface.

The final tasks are to fit the motor and controls, wire up any instruments you have mounted on the console and finally go for the maiden voyage.
(more pictures are here)