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C Osborne Rapley lives in Hampshire England and enjoys writing when he gets the chance. Most of the time he is a general dogsbody, car mechanic, plumber and carpenter for three grown children. In his spare time he keeps bees, marine fish and has a weakness for fast boats.

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I grew up in Sussex and while working in the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office obtained a Degree in Telecommunications. I then moved into the IT Industry where I have worked for the last twenty five years.

I started his writing career producing technical manuals and he edited a specialist magazine for which I also wrote several articles.

My first science fiction novel Guardian I wrote after leaving full time work in 2008. My second novel in the series Guardian Generations was published in the summer of 2010. Both novels have been extensively rewritten and self published in 2014 after the original publisher ceased trading.

I currently live in a small Hampshire village and enjoy long country walks both there and in the Scottish Highlands.

My hobbies are motorcycling and power boating. I welcome feedback and comments so please visit my book website:

So what made me decide to write a book in the first place? Well I started writing when I was made Quality Manager of the service company I was working for. I had to write the quality manual and all the procedures to conform to ISO 9001. When I had finished the quality system consisted of two large books, one the Manual and the other all the procedures.

On the strength of the manual and procedures I had written the BSI certified the company as ISO9001 compliant. As a reward for the work I had done on the companies behalf I was awarded the Presidents Circle for outstanding achievement and got a two week all expenses trip to Puerto Rico and the USA.

My second writing adventure was as the editor for the Trident and Rocket Three Owners Club (TR3OC) this was totally voluntary and I held the post for over two years.

The magazine Triple Echo was professionally printed with a colour cover and an average 60 pages. They were sent out to the club membership worldwide every two months. I used all the letters, pictures and articles I received from the membership to build up the magazine. If I had an issue that was short of submissions (which was quite often) I wrote something myself to ‘make up the numbers’. The last thing I would do was write the editorial. I then compiled the magazine in Quark Express so it was ready for the reprographic companies computers. I saved everything to disk and then spent an evening at the reprographics company ensuring everything was set up correctly for the print run. This process got me into the world of Apple Mac and I have not looked back since.

I usually managed to get two weeks off before starting the process all over again.

After two years I gave it up. I had sold my Triumph Trident and due to a new job I no longer had the considerable amount of time needed. I have to say I did enjoy my time as editor and I learnt a lot with regard to publishing and printing. One thing always stuck in my mind. The page numbers always had to be a multiple of four!

Fast-forward six years. I was sitting in a Hotel room one dull evening. I had eaten dinner, drank the mandatory two pints and was bored. I suddenly thought why not write a book? I had always wanted to and never got round to it. Now there was no excuse, I had time on my hands and several more evenings in this hotel. I sat down at my laptop and started typing. It quite quickly took on a life of its own and less than four months later I had over 77000 words!

As for reading, I grew up on Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke. My favourite current author has to be Lindsay Buroker (look her up on Amazon and give her books a try well worth it). She turns out wonderful books really fast. I wish I could do that.

Finally films, the usual Sci Fi and action fare and just between you and me the odd Romantic Comedy.

Just to keep myself from being bored I keep bees, tropical fish, go motorcycling and power boating.

Visit my book website for more information and regular updates.

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