Original Science Fiction and Fantasy Art
Desktop Wallpapers

  • Darkness

    Darkness was produced in an afternoon using Poser 7. To my surprise it won picture of the month at Desktop Starships :-)
  • Don't Mess With Me
    Don't Mess With Me

    Don't Mess With Me was one of my first pictures after experimenting with Poser 7 I was pleased with the way this one turned out however I think you would agree, the background lacks realisim.
  • Reflections

    Reflections To get more realistic backgrounds I started working with Poser and Vue. This was one of my my first attempts at importing a Poser character into Vue.
  • Star Carrier
    Star Carrier

    Star Carrier, was produced in Poser with some Photoshop post work for effect.
  • Witch

    Witch, was just for fun. It is Poser artwork experimenting with lighting and movement.
  • What Are You Looking At
    What Are You Looking At

    What Are You Looking At. A variation on the original "Witch"
  • Living Rock
    Living Rock

    Living Rock. View and Poser with final Photoshop adjustments. An 'off the wall' Fantasy composition. The more realistic Vue background really stands out in this one.
  • The Summons
    The Summons

    The Summons was produced in Daz3D. Daz seems to be more flexible with the light setup so I could add and control a three point light system and individual point lights especially the magic orb in her hand.
  • Alien Skies
    Alien Skies
    Alien Skies is another of my early pictures using Poser. The background could be a lot better but the character turned out so well I had to include it. (I sure would like to meet her in real life!!)
  • First Meeting
    First Meeting
    First Meeting was an idea I had regarding a meeting between a Greek warrior and a Mountain mountain nymph (Oread) Again an early attempt as you will notice the hard edges where the stones etc are sitting on the grass.